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Military Spore Technology : is this part of some game?

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xx the technobe

Really love this image, not much a gamer myself, due to a high school, english essay procrastination with Pac Man. Anyway thought I’d research my very bizarre concept, not so bizarre, already exists in the gaming world I think. A bit too convoluted for my low tech, analogue understanding of the world, but I am sure one or many of you can enlighten me whether this is part of a game.

Applications in Warfare

Spore technology is a common defence and self-preservation strategy employed by many devices operating in hostile environments. A spore device, typically a bot or vec, periodically releases numerous small “spores” that quickly conceal themselves and then go dormant for some period of time or until they receive an activation signal or, conversely, cease to receive a signal. At this point, the spores begin to rapidly and often stealthily replicate and then construct a duplicate of the original combat unit. The original unit’s control software or mind state is also duplicated from highly compressed data (often utilizing quantum memory cores) stored in the spore. Though spore technology is quite common in peaceful industrial or research applications, its use in warfare is more notorious, especially in the form of automated ground combat units.

The image is meant to be the aftermath of a spore attack, check out the link provided.


Written by neva3548

October 27, 2008 at 1:29 pm