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Bio plastic surveillance spores – artwork proposal : short brief

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The first stage of this artwork installation is scientifically developed bio plastic surveillance spores grown on vertical gardens that unwittingly infect passers by. The infection only becomes apparent when the infected move beyond invisible boundaries created to enforce people to behave within the rules of a new societal order – the dream society.

Traditional fencing in the spatial environment is purely aesthetic, a mesh fence previously perceived as militant is now viewed as metallic lace. However when passing into controlled areas, a physicality change takes place in the offender to control them by shaming them into behaving within the confines, by a gestation of the virus which anthropomorphically changes their appearance.

Two different states occur depending on the zoning and level of control. The first disables by causing dexterous hands and feet to swell into balls, and so forth for major joints of the elbows and knees. The second state causes the skin on the face to become translucent scaring others by revealing the muscle tissue and bones underneath, incredibly ghoulish for the offender too.

Controlling people with microscopic technology and invisible architecture, which acts as a catalyst to punish and embarrass people with the threat of bodily disfigurement.

Artwork ideals raised:

What is a boundary?

Can a virtual boundary be a form of control?

What social conditioning could develop from virtual architecture in the real world?

How is such a technology managed and for what reasons?

Is a physical boundary free world really that free, is it all about perception?

Written by neva3548

October 27, 2008 at 1:07 pm

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