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BMW 7 Series Sedan

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BM7 7 Series Sedan

BMW 7 Series Sedan

The new BMW 7 Series Sedan will be released as soon as this Christmas in Europe and USA. As usual, BMW is always on an eternal battle with Mercedes-Benz and Audi – including this premium flagship sedan. I will not discuss the performance and luxury features of the car (for more details, go here and here), but this car is loaded with technology and gadgets. Some of them are world-first and it is the way BMW raises the bar once again on the luxury car battle…

  1. Integral Active Steering manage the steering angle of the rear wheel to increase safety, stability, comfort and handling. It assists the car to do more agile maneuver at low speed and reversing, as well as smooth driving at high speed (world first). Well, not really world-first feature (Acura and Infiniti already use it in some cars), but BMW’s system not only controls the steering angle of all wheels, but also the suspension and brake. That’s world first.
  2. Dynamic Damping Control measure wheel movement and road surface once every one millisecond and constantly alter the stiffness of the air suspension. Therefore, the passengers will have comfortable ride on board.
  3. Head-Up Display projects vehicle speed, navigation info and alerts directly in front of the driver’s sight. It is not new. Some of current BMW cars can have it as optional. But, so far, only BMW use this technology.
  4. Night Vision is not new at all for cars. Current Mercedes-Benz S Class sedans already equipped with such feature, but BMW added object recognition system that can automatically recognize other vehicles, pedestrians, animals or other objects on the road during the night and giving alert to driver when necessary (which is world-first feture).
  5. Speed Limit Display will inform driver about speed limit sign on the road. The car has five cameras: one for reversing, one on both front fenders, one for night vision and one for speed limit sign and road lane recognition. It is world first technology used on a car.
  6. Lane Departure Warning System will alert the driver when the car changing lane unintentionally (probably the driver is sleepy or not concentrating, etc.). The car will vibrate the steering wheel and apply brake when necessary to avoid unintentional change of lane. BMW is not the first to use this technology, but it is still rare and uncommon in car.
  7. BMW ConnectedDrive is a special telemetry system that will automatically alerts emergency response unit when the car is being involved in accident, giving the car current location and GPS data. Moreover, it allows passenger to access the internet inside the vehicle.

    BMW ConnectedDrive

    BMW ConnectedDrive

  8. iDrive is the world first integrated control system used in any car. Already used in many BMW range, the system is strongly criticized for its complicated and unlogical interface. But some says BMW never make the same mistake twice. And yes, they put the new iDrive system in the new 7 Series, which is claimed to be more ergonomic and sophisticated with extra feature: electronic user manual with video animation (world first) and 80GB hard disk storage for your music.
  9. $250 000 price tag. Not another world-first feature, but I guess most of us doens’t want this feature to be invented ever!

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October 22, 2008 at 6:07 am

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