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Game Technology has always been evolving and evolving, but what i find that is very interesting is the way they have been evoloving… Gaming was pretty big in the 80’s as seen in dans post for the movie “The wizard” and technology was pretty hi-tech back in the days… but what caught my eye was the power glove for the nintendo console.. This was a robotic control that you put on like a glove and it has sensors on the screens which is also linked up to the nintendo.. what this allowed the user to do was to move his arm in any direction left and right to move an object.. Now what i find interesting is how the Wii controller is also similar but users bluetooth.. this is more efficient and effective, basically the concept is the same but only technology has been advanced.. Much like for the use of the new “Wii Power Glove” similar in design to the 80’s “Power Glove” but the only difference is it’s bluetooth..

Check out an example

Written by anfunny

October 21, 2008 at 12:03 am

Posted in games + society

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