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Human Cyber Robotics!

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This image is of a patient that is being rehabilitated in Chicago.  The research group DEKA focus on technologies that enhance quality of life. So mainly they develope there technologies which are medical devices and products that aid the people who need it. Some of these allow healthcare professionals to deliver better care, while some enable people to live better lives, with more mobility, more freedom, and less discomfort. 

That is pretty interesting how technology today is enhancing and becoming more advanced in the link of human senses with robotics. So if we are coming closer to creating a link between bot and human does this mean in the near future we will see humans with robotic legs or bodies ?? well lets hope for all that it does lead to this because it would be interesting on how human life will change and how this will affect the society.

Written by anfunny

October 20, 2008 at 11:48 pm

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