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Tron : 80s gaming culture flick

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Hey all,

Showing my age again! Was thinking last night about what I could offer to tonight’s class regarding gaming culture and thought of another obscure film – Tron. At the time all that was available to kid’s back then was those way basic computer games that you played through a remote-less TV like a raw version of tennis I think was called pong. No wonder my age group spent more time outdoors, gaming culture was a non event.

Interestingly through Wikpedia have discovered that Tron was one of the first films from a major studio to use computer graphics extensively.

Poster Artwork

Poster Artwork

All my assignments were hand written, or typed on my Mum’s type writer. Letraset was the only option to give a graphic design edge!

This film had come up in the last five year’s amongst friends of mine regarding wacky fans discovered on the Internet, check out the home made costumes for a giggle…

The film deals with:

Am planning to check out further on DVD… maybe we can check out clips on youtube in class tonight, my suggestion:

Written by neva3548

October 7, 2008 at 7:10 am

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