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Beware Gamer – Princess Maker

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When I have to come up with a game post, I was delighted. I could talk about something great about the game industry as well as my favourite games. But I decided that this post needed to be dedicated to something noble. What I am about to show you must be seen by many people so we do not make the same mistake again.

I’m talking about this creepy horrible game called Princess Maker.

Princess Maker is a series of Japanese life simulation bishōjo games by the computer game and anime production company Gainax. If you’ve tried the Sim, try Raising Sim! The game put you as a father who tries to raise your “adopted” daughter into adulthood. The premised is claimed that in no way this game promoted child molestation (By Japanese standard (no standard)). Princess Maker series has 5 game, the latest – Princess Maker 5 – was released last year on the PC and PS2. Only Princess Maker 2 has

Gainax is well known in the scene of anime, giving us critical-acclaim show such as Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and the 500 pounds gorilla Neon Genesis Evangelion. I am going to speculated that because Gainax made Princess Maker in 1991 which broke the chart in creepiest, they had to atone for it with consecutive excellent TV shows.

Princess Maker 1

Princess Maker 2

Princess Maker 3

Princess Maker 4

Princess Maker 5

Princess Maker is basically a perverse sports management simulation where your entire team consists of a single ten year old girl that you have to raise to adulthood. Much like any decent sports manager game you have to keep track of a nearly overwhelming number of statistics that fluctuate based on training. In Princess Maker 2 these run the gamut from the mundane like “strength” and “charisma”, to the droll like “cooking” and “conversation”, to the bizarre like “sin” and “temper”. Initially the game only forces you to grapple with about ten of these attributes, but as things progress and your lovely daughter grows into a young woman you face an ever growing list of wacky new attributes that need raisin’ quicker than an Amish barn… the game becomes a tedious balancing act of cycling through various activities to make sure your little girl advances across the board. All of this is weighed against a hideous attribute called “stress” that will be your enemy.

Status Page from Princess Maker 1

Sleazy bar!? Cabaret!?!? Her in-game age is, like, SIXTEEN!

Why did I pick this game? Inspired from the scene shown in class of the movie “A.I.”, Princess Maker might be the first step to create A.I. that its raison d’être is to love. Granted, even Princess Maker 5 is still a glorified tamagotchi but because the daughters are in human form (a jail-bait one at that) the bond can potentially goes deeper – echo the “reason” to make humanoid robots. One thing that interested me is how a good AI can build unique interaction with real human base on their past conditioning.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This game is bad. Very bad. Another quote from

In addition to the disturbing cheesecake factor (such as breast-enlargement pills or the limited number of bondage costumes you can put your daughter in) there’s also the heartwarming fact that as she ages you can also get her involved in increasingly suspect job opportunities. The two main shady jobs for her are as a “fun times girl” at a sleazy bar and as a waitress at a cabaret club. Even more disturbing are the rare special events that allow you to rent your daughter out to a rich man as a prostitute, repeatedly whore her to supernatural creatures, or arrange a marriage to a dragon or demon. None of the sex is graphic at all and the only nudity in the game is a tiny bit of bare breasts that you really have to dig to find. HOWEVER! This is appalling because you can see said breasts when she is identified onscreen, simultaneously no less, as being well under 18. Let’s all just pretend I’m really fucking drunk and that this game somehow qualifies as “art” so that I can live out my life having never stared at child pornography.”

“Daughters” from Princess Maker 1, 2 and 3

Princess Maker 2’s infamous dominatrix rag

Utter horror

You know what I said about Gainax being good anime studio? I take it back. They produce Princess Maker the Anime (Petite Princess Yucie)

Thanks, Japan.

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October 7, 2008 at 2:38 am

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