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Cyborg within a world that is close to us

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While most of us talking about science fiction cyborgs with a post contemporary world setting, I just wish to show you guys a cyborg within a world that we live in, much more realistic, much more cruel, with a more humanic feeling – IRON MAN.

Iron Man was created by Marvel Comics, nearly 50 years ago. The creators wishes to use Iron Man to discover through the cold war theme at the time. Tony Stark, the genius behind the Iron Man suit is to thought as an ideal icon of the American’s inventor. He is rich, he is smart, and he is a lady’s man. And he also supports the US government by providing weapon developing technologies and products to use against the communism at the time. With the time goes into 21st century, the concept of Iron Man has to be modified in order to capture the taste of the modern world. Therefore we see terrorists and corporate crime masterminds inside the movie adoption of the comic.

Although Iron Man is a super hero, he is born human, with no super powers, only uses his brain and mix the ideas with state of the art mechanicals and extra funds. 😀

Written by superdioplus

September 30, 2008 at 8:55 am

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