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The original 2nd Life? Westworld

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Hi All,

Can’t remember which week we discussed 2nd Life but since last Tuesday have been a mammoth DVD marathon, frantically trying to cover as much ground as possible in preparation for our final submissions.

Apart from the class recommendations which I will discuss in later posts, I came across this DVD from the 70s when trying to make up my 10 for $15. I remember seeing it as a kid but didn’t quite get it.

Anyway Westworld is about providing a real world “2nd Life” in a US vacation resort called Delos. It features 3 worlds of the past where you can live out every fantasy.

Roman World: Lusty, decadent delights of imperial Pompeii.

Medieval World: Chivalry and combat in 18th century Europe.

West World: Lawless violence on the american frontier of 1800.

Each world is maintained by reliable computer technology, and peopled by life like men and women until…

Well you will have to watch it:

It has some similariries between the essence of what the creators of the online 2nd Life are trying to create, but without the “real” death and sex factor. I wonder if 2nd Life creators are aware of this film?

Written by neva3548

September 23, 2008 at 7:43 am

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