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The influence of AI on society

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here i will discuss about the influence of AI on society, specially focus on China.

The problem of the obtain employment.  AI can instead of different kinds of brainwork. for example,  the specialist system can stand for doctor to diagnose. i knew some of the hospitals in my hometown GuangZhou had these kinds services. young people likes it, but they didn’t totally trust the AI medical system.  AI may make some people to change their type of work or become unemployment. China has 13 hundred million people, i can’t imagine how many people will be unemployment.  Absolutely AI is the necessary for the future. but i think China still need some time to get into the AI era.

The AI influences and changes our ways of thinking and the traditional concepts. for example, if the specialist starts to believe the AI system’s judgement and decisions, then they can stop thinking, become lazy, lose liability and sensitivity of sloving problems.  Excessively depends on the computer and accepts without analysis, the perceptive faculties of user will retrogress, increases the mistakes.

Normally, people would think that the difference between human and robot is the perception. however, if people start to believe that the robot can think and create things. people will despair, or  feel the intimidating. Mentally intimidating makes people to worry about the AI will be over the crude intelligence.

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September 19, 2008 at 11:51 am

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  1. Yea, I believe there must be a “transitional” time for human to trust AI. However it is silly how human (as imperfect creature) would like to create a “perfect” intelligence. I guess the AI itself will bu as perfect as human, which is not perfect at all.

    Months ago, I have a discussion with a senior pilot of Garuda Indonesia (major flagship carrier of Indonesia). He said that he certified to fly Airbus A330 and Boeing 777 (which is enormously stuffed with tech gadgets). Those planes are installed with a system that can steers the plane to land automatically.

    I’m just wondering if the system is precise enough. He said the system is very sophisticated and very accurate… interpret all navigational data perfectly, but never do a smooth landing no matter what. The system will trigger the plane’s engine and air break immediately after all landing gears touch the runway.

    “The system has no emotion, it can’t feel and does not understand the feeling of smooth landing,” he said, “even this kind of system is definitely dangerous if used to land the plane in many Indonesia airports that has low safety standard.”



    September 25, 2008 at 10:33 pm

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