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Surveilliance – Good or Evil?

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I’ve come across with this short program here. Seems fairly interesting.

Confessions of a Surveillance Society

In Confessions of a Surveillance Society, Channel Zero looks at the top secret Canadian spy agency, CSE, and how governmental agencies use technologies of surveillance to control dissident citizens. Candid interviews with former CSE spies, as well as scientists who have developed voice-recognition software, give a startling insight on the new paradigm of ‘information warfare’. While most people feel that they have nothing to hide, is it not the responsibility of the State to justify its interventions, or at least, alert us to them? Featuring Arthur Kroker (CTheory), Andrew Mitrovica (CTV), and Clayton Ruby (civil rights lawyer). “

The video is on, the flash player loading time may require little of your patience. 🙂

Written by superdioplus

September 13, 2008 at 2:37 pm

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