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Mobile phone = Anything?

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Mobile phone’s Interplay with Culture and Society

Mobile phone comebines different functions today, include digital camera, MP4, computer games, GPS,… it incorporates the multi touch system, lets people have more interaction with the machines. Mobile phone had changed people’s habit today. lot of people prefer mobile phone to local telephone because of the conveniency. and different mobile phone company keeps producing new design with the new funtions to encourage consumption. Mobile phone is not only the technology of telecommunication, it also becomes a part of the popular culture today, and the accessory of the fashion design. Even instead of the musical instrument, the Japanese company KDDI working with Yamaha produces Mobile phone musical instrument.

Gartner Research reported that from Apr to Jun, global electronic marketing sold 3.047 hundreds million Mobile phones. and the vendition of the mobile phone keeps increasing. however, more purchase generates more waste. There were more than 5 hundreds million mobile phone trash in 2007 over the world. some companys working on the recycling Mobile phones. but lot of people worry about their personal informaiton been divulged. they don’t want to hand their mobiles to the recycle company.

photo from ReCellular

Written by kerrylin2008

August 31, 2008 at 5:26 am

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