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The Impact of Technological access on art.

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Marshall McLuhan states that technology is an extension of ones self which enhances ones senses and this simple enhancement creates change…

I find this particular view interesting because it impacts what i do on a daily basis. I am currently a 3D “artist” who has evolved from a traditional sculptor.

Now that you have my background i would like to state how technology has impacted me as a so called artist and how technology has enhanced or evolved.

When i was studying sculptor i had a set of tools which was an extension of my hand which allowed me to modify and create art… The result of this was a physical piece that exists in reality, this piece has the following attributes:

Example of traditional sculpting

  • Is one of kind and cannot be replicated exactly.
  • Takes weeks to create
  • can be viewed by only those who are in its presence.
  • Can be touched, seen, and even smelt.
  • This piece has a monetary price attached to it considering the cost of clay and the rig (approx $200 to $300 per model).
  • Because of the money involved i had to melt down current models to make new ones. This resulted in losing many ideas let alone sculptures.
  • Requires a camera to take pictures. (back then i we didn’t have digital cameras so taking pictures of these works wasn’t considered).

Now i use whats called a Wacom and a PC with an application called zbrush. Now my wacom pen is an extension of my hand and my zbrush pc is now my nervous system which has forced me to embrace the digital art culture.



Examples of my own work can be seen here:rust3d

Now when i create a piece in “digital 3d space” it has the following characteristics:

  • Can only be seen on a computer as a 3d model. (yes there is 3d printing… but thats another process)
  • Can be captured and saved.
  • Does not require storage besides hardrive space…
  • Can be replicated / duplicated exactly meaning it can have an infinite amount of copies!

I think that final point has impacted me the most because the mainstream idea of art has alot to do with rarity. There for CG cannot be sold, its impossible without tainting it through a process like printing. Once it has gone through that process it has been made by machine… not the artist.

So looking at how technology has impacted me as an artist: Well technically i have became more free and liberated by all these new gadgets which has removed all the restraints (money, time, effort) traditional sculptor. But it has demoted me to what is known as not an “artist” but CG artist, which commonly looked down upon by traditional artists and critics (ah yeah you just click a button and its done…).

I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

Interesting Vids:

Written by rust3d

August 25, 2008 at 7:59 am

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