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“Unreflective Mirror” / “Japanese Anime in 60’s”

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I think some students know this artwork “unreflective Mirror “.
I thought it relates to the this week’s lecture and site-visit. 

The mirror installed in the room does not show your face, unlike the real mirror. If you put on the glasses provided and look into the mirror, however, you will see only the glasses you are wearing in the place where you are supposed to be, and the background that is reversed just like what you expect to see in the mirror changes as you move back and forth or right and left.

This sophisticated and “unreflective” techno-artifact is designed to provoke deeper thoughts about virtual reality, the notion of realism, and what mirrors really are.


I also want to introduce a Japanese cartoon “Perman” (Pāman). The first version of Perman  was
created in 1967. It was black/white animation!! I was watching the new version of Perman when I was 4~5years old (in 80’s). The cartoonists is known as the “Doraeon”‘s author.  It is the most powerful Japanese anime character ever.

Perman is about a group of kids; two boys, a girl and a monkey who are elected by a mysterious masked man (named Super Perman) to be the protectors of their city. 

The important thing is that they have their own robots (copy-robot / Androids). These robots transformed into an exact copy of the kids by pulling a button in it’s nose. The experiece that the copy robot has had during the double-life period can also be transferred to the original person by placing both foreheads against each other.

It’s amazing thing that the author created this story in 60’s.


Written by hideyukidesign

August 23, 2008 at 12:18 pm

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  1. Haha, how nostalgic 🙂 I never know that the actual spelling was “Perman”. I always thought it was “Pāman”. Nice!

    Keep’em coming ^_^


    August 24, 2008 at 12:45 am

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